Landscaping in Las Vegas, NV

Your home extends far beyond its four walls. For everyone from passersby who are in the market for a new house to your kids seeking fun and excitement right in their own backyard, your home’s lawn, yard, and garden is a key part of the overall look and feel of your home sweet home. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your Las Vegas landscaping is just as beautifully designed and lovingly maintained as the rest of your home!

When you’re working to keep your landscaping looking its best, however, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and start neglecting a few things here or there. That’s why it’s so worthwhile to consider relying on our team of experienced, local Las Vegas landscaping specialists for all of your particular planting, pruning, brightening, and bettering plans! Whatever specialized landscaping Las Vegas, NV services you’re interested in having done, we have the equipment, training, and proven reputability needed to make your home look as beautiful on the outside as you’ve made it on the inside!

Our versatile, highly reputable landscapers in Las Vegas, NV are proud to help provide homeowners all throughout the area with convenient, custom-designed landscaping services including everything from lawn mowing in Las Vegas, NV and snow removal in Las Vegas, NV to organic pest control in Las Vegas, NV and landscape lighting in Las Vegas, NV all tailored to make your home’s exterior look just as breathtaking and uniquely inviting as you’ve made your interior! With the skill, training, experience, and professionalism you find through our team of specialists you can be confident that all of your landscaping service needs will be handled quickly, conveniently, and with the reliability that you and your home sweet home deserve!

When you’re looking for the best looking landscaping in the neighborhood, you’re looking for Chop Chop Landscaping in Las Vegas, NV!

To speak with a local landscaping specialist in your neighborhood about your request for landscaping in Las Vegas, NV simply call (702) 466-1133 to schedule a completely free at-home consultation and estimate!

Our Most Popular Landscaping Services - Las Vegas, NV

Lawn Care - Las Vegas, NV

Professional lawn care in Las Vegas, NV includes a number of different factors from mowing and aeration to growing and cleanup. All of these different lawn care services are important and all can be quickly, conveniently, and expertly performed for you by our local Las Vegas landscapers. Trying to get your lawn looking as beautiful as possible for as long as possible? Count on the Chop Chop Landscaping team for lawn care in Las Vegas, NV that’s sure to make you love your home’s exterior look for years to come! Call (702) 466-1133 today to discuss your lawn care needs and schedule a free consultation and estimate!

Organic Landscaping - Las Vegas, NV

As the eco-friendly movement continues to spread, landscaping services in Las Vegas, NV are keeping pace with every development and improvement which our constantly advancing technology allows. Our specialized Las Vegas landscapers are proud to offer completely organic pest control, organic seeding, organic fertilizer installations, and organic lawn maintenance for Las Vegas, NV homeowners looking to improve their property while also caring for the environment. To learn more about the benefits of organic landscaping in Las Vegas, NV and to schedule a completely free at-home consultation and estimate call (702) 466-1133 today and speak with our local landscaping specialists!

Fences - Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas landscaping services extend far beyond lawn mowing and pea gravel designs. To give your home the gorgeous, custom finishing-touch which you’ve always wanted, invest in quality fences in Las Vegas, NV. Chain-link to picket fences, security to custom-designed private fences, Las Vegas, NV specialists on our team have all the skills, equipment, training, and reputability needed to give your landscaping the perfect border for your particular style and needs. Call (702) 466-1133 today to speak with our friendly, professional specialists about your unique plan for a new Las Vegas fence. You’ll be provided with a completely free at-home consultation and estimate at your earliest convenience!

Stone Pavers - Las Vegas, NV

To ensure that your landscaping in Las Vegas, NV is as scenic and striking as possible in the years to come you should definitely consider the versatility and durability of stone pavers in Las Vegas, NV. Available in an enormous variety of styles, colors, and price ranges, Las Vegas stone pavers are the perfect way to highlight your gorgeous new landscape design and protect its layout and look for years! Speak with our pros about how stone pavers in Las Vegas, NV can improve the look and feel of your landscaping and schedule a free estimate by calling (702) 466-1133 today!

Client Testimonials

Our team is committed to providing homeowners with all the unique landscaping services Las Vegas, NV residents could possibly need. That’s why we’re so proud to share the praise we’ve received from recent clients!

”Exactly What I Needed”

”I wanted to thank you guys for the great work you did on my landscaping last weekend. You were a great bunch of guys and you did everything just how I wanted it. I’ve never hired landscapers before but I was really blown away by how great you got my lawn and garden looking. I’ll be calling on you guys again soon, no doubt.” - Rob J.

”Hire These Landscapers”

”I’ve had terrible experiences with landscaping companies in the past but the guys from Chop Chop Landscaping were fantastic. They worked quickly, kept everything neat and clean, and even installed some new landscape lighting that’ve made everything look gorgeous. I was completely satisfied with their work and have been telling everyone to give them a try!” - Marissa M.

”Incredibly Satisfied”

”I’ve been using Chop Chop Landscaping landscapers for years now and I’m always satisfied with the work they do. I’ve hired them for lawn aeration in the Spring and mowing in the Summer and raking in the Fall and snow removal in the Winter and they always do a terrific job. They’re affordable, professional, caring, just about everything you’d want from your landscapers!” - Larry S.